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WCRx Pharmacy

Our pharmacists have 20+ years of experience in the arena of hospital pharmacy, retail pharmacy, specialty pharmacy, and ambulatory care. We are looking forward to assisting you with your pharmacy needs. You will be attended to by our team of first-class pharmacists and technicians with courteous and caring service at the highest level.

About Our Pharmacy

“We revolutionize the way pharmacy’s interact with patients” 

Dr. Emmanuel Iwang

WCRx Pharmacy is a pharmacy that has been serving the community for many years. We have served thousands of patients in Leon County and counties throughout the state. We know there’s nothing more important than you or your family’s well-being, which is why we strive to provide personalized care to help you and your family with your healthcare decisions.

Therapeutic Case Management

Therapeutic Case Management (TCM) is an opportunity for Pharmacists to work collaboratively with Physicians to help manage chronic diseases.

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Medication Therapy Management

No more medication confusion. Our service prevents overdosing, under dosing, and misusage of medications.

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Vaccination Services

Our immunizing pharmacists can provide vaccinations such as influenza (flu) and pneumonia. 

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At WCRx Pharmacy, we offer a variety of professional pharmacy services to our patients.

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Price Match Program
Therapeutic Case Management

Price Match

As a courtesy to all our clients, we’ll match the price if you buy a qualifying item at WCRx Pharmacy then find the identical item for less, within seven days, at any other pharmacy. Price match may be requested prior to your purchase. Simply show proof of the current lower price, your original receipt and we’ll match the price.

Price Match Guarantee Disclaimer
The item must be the identical item, brand name, size, weight, color, quantity and model number.

Therapeutic Case Management

Therapeutic Case Management (TCM) is an opportunity for Pharmacists to work collaboratively with Physicians to help manage chronic disease patients with at least two co-morbid conditions. TCM provides non face to face service offered to patients with multiple (2 or more) chronic conditions, and billable service through a physician or a nurse practitioner. TCM is a continuous monthly service at no charge to the patient. The time spent for the delivery of TCM should be 20 minutes or more per 30/days or a month’s period of time in passing. Clinical staff and pharmacist are the ones who can deliver these services. Billing and payment under the Therapeutic Case Management Program can be utilized through Medicare and Medicaid.

Employment Opportunities

For employment opportunities at WCRx Pharmacy, please contact us for any current openings or click here to fill out the form.

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